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The Cycle Messenger World Championships 2024 in Zurich open up a wide range of opportunities for you to present yourself in the best possible way.

The organizing association is open to individual, tailor-made partnerships. Do not hestiate to contact us! The following possibilities are to be understood more as examples and not as an exhaustive list.

Targeted sponsoring partnerships within the framework of the CMWC 2024 can be:

  • Name partnerships for individual disciplines
  • Partnership of a cultural program part
  • Targeted sponsorship partnership of essential equipment
  • Social Sponsorships
  • Perimeter advertising at the racing disciplines
  • Advertisements in the program booklet
  • sponsorship packages

Targeted sponsorship opportunities

  • These are only awarded once per discipline.
  • For example: “IKEA Cargo Bike Competition” or “TISSOT Mountain Time Trial”
  • e.g. : Tonight’s concert is made possible by Migros Kulturprozent
  • e.g. : This photo exhibition was created in collaboration with Ifolor
  • E.G. : Timing / parts of the catering / stage construction / prizes / printed matter /
    electrical installations / sanitary facilities / …
  • Targeted in-kind sponsorships can be made either by providing us with these services
    directly, if you are of the appropriate trade.
  • Or you participate
    in our expenses for the sponsored elements financially.
  • For example, the OC is planning a fund that will be used for the first time to
    sponsor a team from a African country to a CMWC for the first time. Because of the
    very low wages, this was previously unaffordable for local messengers. This fund
    could be named after you.
  • Also benefits for accommodation and meals for participants with low
    Income are very welcome ways to get involved.
  • Book these either as a package for all disciplines together or specifically for individual competitions.
  • Formats, placements and color design according to your wishes.

sponsorship packages

If you would like to sponsor us in an uncomplicated way as part of a package solution, we offer you prefabricated packages, the implementation of which we take care of completely:

  • Your logo on all our major printed materials, presentation in the editorial section of the race program booklet, your banner in the finish area of each race discipline, presence on our website with link to your website, as well as the possibility to give all participants something in their personal race bag.
  • ZIn addition, posts of the main courier race will be named after our Gold Sponsoring Partners, so all our participants and the audience on site will not be able to avoid memorizing your company.
  • Your logo in the race program booklet, your banner on the race track of the race disciplines in the main program, your logo on our website with link to your website.
  • Your logo in the race program booklet and on our website including a link to your website.
  • You have a checkpoint at the mainrace and/or cargorace and are therefore prominently represented on the race site. You may design the checkpoint, provide it with your advertising material and, if desired, manage it during the race. So you are personally present!
  • Your logo will appear on all advertising materials (print & online).