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Our Mission

Sustainability is the order of the day.

Velocouriers embody the three pillars of sustainability to perfection:

Economic efficiency, environmental awareness and social justice have been lived by this industry since the first companies in Switzerland began operations in Berne and Lucerne in 1988 (Zurich in 1989).

Bicycle couriers as a pillar of the economy

Today, the industry, with its more than 300 messengers in Zurich alone, provides indispensable services for the public sector, the healthcare system, the private sector and countless individuals.

Wherever possible, bicycles are used as a means of transport, in combination with the railroads for the transport of goods between various centers throughout Switzerland. It goes without saying that our World Cup sets particularly high standards in the organization of optimally sustainable events.

CMWC2024 Zürich Messenger Championship

With various events, Zürich 2024 puts the bicycle in the center of attention. City and canton are committed to the bicycle. They want to promote this means of transport because they have recognized its many advantages.

The CMWC 2024 supports this by not only entertaining the population with spectacular races, but because everyone is invited to become part of it. All program points of the CMWC are open to everyone and thus help to cultivate the joy of cycling! A contemporary
category design and a well thought-out awareness concept help to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Event with social responsibility

In many parts of the world, wages such as those achievable in Switzerland can at best only be dreamt of.

To make it possible for couriers from regions with low purchasing power to attend the CMWC 2024 in Zurich, the entry fees are staggered according to the origin of the participants.

In addition, we will provide accommodation and meals for our international guests during the week of the event. Furthermore, a fund has been set up which, for the first time, will also cover messengers from the African
continent, where the wage level is lower. continent, where the wage level is particularly low, to fly to the World Championships.

The mission of the Cycle Messenger World Championships 2024 in Zurich is thus to comprehensively promote the bicycle as a sustainable means of transport, to make the bicycle messenger industry and its diverse offers even better known, to present our guests with the best CMWC ever, and to provide the entire population with an unforgettable bicycle festival.