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Who organizes the CMWC 2024

The organization of the 2024 World Courier Championships in Zurich is in the hands of the ZHistole association

This organization has been in existence since 2018 and has been responsible for numerous events for the bicycle courier community, such as the 2019 National Courier Championships in Zurich or the 2022 International Global Gutz Velocourier Race Series.

Our Crew

Eight personalities are involved in the board of the ZHistole organization. They are or have been active as bike couriers for many years. They also have a lot of experience in event organization and a variety of professional backgrounds, which they bring to the organization of the World Championships 2024 in an optimal way.

The ZHistole association is based in Zurich. All members of the association reside in the city of Zurich.

Aline Künzler

Bike courier, agronomist ETH, DAS process and logistics management ZHAW, project management around the transport by bike

Responsible for the departments logistics, technology, security and infrastructures

Daniel Indermaur

Courier, environmental engineer, secondary school teacher, president of bike club Cyclophile Zurich

Responsible for fundraising, website, audience, parties and concerts

Supported by Katrine, Cyril, Lucie, Zis, Juan and Gabriel

Joël Schwarz

Software developer, former bike courier, ‘has’ young-adult children. Dipl. Ing. Agronomist

Responsible for logistics, technology, security and infrastructure

Unterstützt durch Anna-Luisa Beeler

Renate Drabek

Nutritionist, bicycle traveler, dog mama of Carbone

Responsible for photography and social media

Roland Munz

Courier:in, Trustee:in, Head of Finance Veloblitz Courier Services, former Cantonal Councillor

Responsible for the departments authorities, finances and media

Moritz Fischer

courier, biologist, teacher, manager of Ultrakurier, handball coach

Responsible for the departments Cleaning, Helpers, Registration and Main Race (together with Carla Bruppacher)

Valérie Hashimoto

Courier, art historian

Responsible for the Actuarial Department, Side Disciplines, Side Program (Art & Culture), Workshops & Open Forums

Sérafin La Roche

Courier, Food Technologist, Specialist Theater

Responsible for the departments Inclusion, Awareness and IT Support

Dominik Strahlhofer

Polydesigner 3d, owner of formlabor and former bike courier

Responsible for the graphics, advertising and merchandise departments

Julia Obst

Event and Content Managerin

Responsible for coordinating the volunteers

Organization chart

The association ZHistole and its eight board members pull all the strings and coordinate the tasks of the different departments. Here in the CMWC Crew the essential decisions are made.

About 40 department heads make sure that everything runs smoothly, from registration and stage construction to catering and track safety. All department heads together form the CMWC team.

The closer the event gets in terms of time, the more volunteers take up their work to realize the planned activities. During the Main Race Weekend, approximately 200 CMWC volunteers will be on duty.

All participants at all levels work on a voluntary basis. No financial gain is sought, either personally or by the organization or on the part of the association.